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This site is a tribute to G'ma Jo, who was born  on January 04, 1921. She is much loved and will always be remembered.


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Sincere condolences from the members of the Women Marines Association. “If the Army and the Navy ever looked on Heaven’s Scenes, they will find the streets are guarded by United States Marines.” (3rd stanza of the Marines Hymn). Take comfort in knowing your beloved Marine has left this life to take up her rightful place in Heaven’s detachment. The Women Marines Association is dedicated to preserving the history of our veterans. We continue to build a diverse collection of uniforms, photos, papers and other artifacts donated by our members and their families. If you have items you would like to know more about or would like to have your loved one memorialized by donating items to the collection, our Historian, Nancy Wilt, would be happy to speak with you. She can be reached at: Nancy Wilt, WMA Historian, Curator of the Women of the Corps Collection, PO Box 633, Hunt, TX 78024, Phone: 830-238-3893, or Eileen Skahill National Chaplain
Eileen April 1st, 2020
Fortunate to meet Josephine back in my nursing career. She was so fascinating and a really enjoyed life. Wanted my mother to meet her as her maiden name was Brim also. Went to many Brim family reunions, the brothers all came to America from Europe. Jacquelyn Reese of Coulee Dam
Jacquelyn December 25th, 2019
Jo was my Mother-in-Law, and I married her oldest daughter Alice. At first I think Jo (and family) thought me a little strange... wait standing until the ladies at the diner table sat down, my holding her chair as she sat down, and holding the door for the ladies to go through first. This led to many learning experiences for both of us, One such experience occurred when I was home alone with the kids (Alice was at work) and Jo stopped by to find both kids and I at the dining table eating a balanced meal. In Jo's way of thinking, men did not know how to cook! This led her to search the house looking for who cooked the meal. Over time she learned that I could not only cook, but wash and iron clothes too. Over the years we both learned to adapt to each others quirks. I will miss her smiles! Ed B.
Ed December 3rd, 2019
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