tbrim10 November 22nd, 2019

In 2001 Rich & I hosted a young Japanese student for three weeks. As part of her introduction to the USA I chose to take her to Coulee Dam to see the dam and the night time laser light show. Auntie Jo graciously agreed to let us stay at her house for an overnight. In the morning, after breakfast, she entertained us with some crafty little thing that came in an egg carton...as I recall. Our student was so taken with this activity she just grinned all the time. Then Auntie Jo gave her the little item as a keepsake. It meant a lot to my student and to me to have such a thoughtful and creative encounter. Thank you Auntie Jo. Theresa Brim, niece-in-law The door at 1 Spokane Avenue was always open to any relatives or friends. Auntie Jo always kept an extra swimming pool pass for a stray cousin who might be visiting the dam. When I would stay overnight she would read stories to us kids while sitting at the top of the stairs. I was one of an infinite number of relatives whose height was recorded on the door jam by the kitchen. As a treat, I remember Auntie Jo skimming the top of the cream layer from the gallon jar of milk and spreading it on a piece of bread and then sprinkling it with sugar. Thinking about it makes me smile. Thank you, Auntie Jo Richard James Brim, nephew