paulinebrim November 25th, 2019

Auntie Jo entwined her exuberant heart and spirit throughout my life starting at birth! In the late 1940's and early 50's I remember parties at Auntie Jo and Uncle Ed's with Alice and Frank where I was introduced to "sparklers" and burnt fingers on a 4th of July; and a halloween party where Alice was caught being frightened by my witch costume. Frank gave me a t-shirt which memorialized this event which is pretty faded but I still wear it. Auntie Jo carted packs of kids to swimming lessons behind the dam. Having to wait an hour after eating was always such a struggle but Auntie Jo was vigilant. All of us loved to swim. Again in the 1950's when peaches and cherries ripened in Grandpa Brim's orchard (yes, I remember stepping in a cowpie), the kids helped to prepare the peaches and cherries (not the cowpies) for canning while sitting around Auntie Jo's big black dining table while she bustled around keeping the flow going and canning the fruit. Auntie Jo's exuberant hugs and welcoming smile made her house the place to stay when visiting Coulee Dam. . . horseback riding, swimming, bicycling, roller skating (who could forget those incredible sidewalks and skate keys), or just because. Her welcome never ended!!! The memories of Auntie Jo are memories of my life. I miss her exuberant spirit very much.