bbrim753 November 26th, 2019

G'ma Jo is my Auntie Jo. Sister to my dad, Fred Brim. We moved away from the Dam when I was around three so my memories are of traveling and visiting Auntie Jo and her family. Often the occasions were for summer school breaks. Bunches of us cousins and attached kids would gather at Auntie Jo's. She organized horseback rides, swimming lessons, places for all of us to sleep. And kept us fed. There was laundry to wash and dry and sort, swimming towels and swim suits to hang. I remember one horseback ride that was to the river I think. Lunch fixin's were laid out on the table and we all made our own lunch. For some reason I used cold potatoes for my sandwich filling. I'm sure there were a dozen of us to get food and then saddled and on the trail. It's all I can do now to get myself organized for such an outing much less a dozen! Then there were the books she read to us while we were getting ready for sleep. She would sit on the steps to the upstairs and read until we fell asleep. I remember her joyful greetings and hugs that made me feel so welcome at her home. Love you Auntie Jo!