mt_brim November 27th, 2019

Oh my goodness, this page of tributes/thoughts is such a treasure. Brings a tear to my eye remembering what a wonderful woman Auntie Jo was. Most of my (second) cousins spent lots of time in Coulee, swimming and horseback riding, from a very young age. I joined the party a little late, but Auntie Jo was extremely welcoming, and helped me get the hang of things and learn the rhythm of summer life in Coulee. She and cousin Flora and neighbor Janet made sure I had everything needed for horseback riding. I will also add that she did not let me be picky at her table, at least not while she was looking. She was forever toting all of us cousins/grandkids in her Ford Explorer to a new adventure every day. I'm sure our parents appreciated her constant willingness to take all of us cousins/grandkids under her wing! I loved those days, and I remember them and her fondly. -Mary Brim Thibodeau (granddaughter of her brother Fred)