Kathryn November 27th, 2019

It is difficult to share the impact of Grandma Jo on my life as she is, in so many ways, completely intertwined with the person that I have become. When I look back on my childhood some of the most vibrant and defining memories I have are with and because of her. Marble railroads, apricot trees, peacocks, books on tape, stories and prayers before bed each night, heated blankets, applesauce, the high dive, helicopters, no-thank you helpings, the 60 acres, horses. For me she has always been larger than life. She taught me that adventure and responsibility go hand in hand and that although kindness is imperative, respect is earned and never to be assumed. She showed me that you can let your imagination run wild but never at the expense of manners or courtesies. She is the reason I fell for a house and a town that wasn’t my own. She fueled the love I had for horses and is the reason it has forever been cemented in my soul. I had two amazing, unbelievable sets of Grandparents, but she was and will always be my third grandparent. There are not enough words to define her impact on me or how incredibly fortunate I have been to call her my own. Even in losing her all I feel is immense gratitude for her and all that she has given me. I love you, Grandma Jo.